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 Posted: Wed Jun 19th, 2019 11:13 am
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so I reluctantly joined a fishing club/ ski boat club.
initially I only wanted to be part as a social member but as it was a new club, and there should not have been politics I decided to give it a go .

I was convinced to become a full member which allowed me to part take in interclub comps.

so it was done.
all went well initially.
we did some comps and we won quite a few of them.

we created a WhatsApp group to keep all members informed on social matters as well as interclub comps etc.

we did the all inland comp in March which we won, but on that trip I decided that this type of fishing was not for me.
in any case, I later informed the chair person that this type of angling was not for me and that I will only stay on as a social member.
I like fishing on my own, learning, maybe the hard way but I like making my own TV.

so, Saturday night, the vice chairperson had too much to drink, I suspect and as the wp played so ***, he was quite upset.
on the WhatsApp group, the vice chair person posted pictures of his past boat which went through heavy seas.
they nearly got into trouble that day.

in any case, a normal member informed him, that there was no reason to brag about the incident and all hell broke loose on the group between the 2x persons.
it eventually ended up where the vice chair person stated to the ordinary member to go F him self and that he does not belong in the club.

that was the last straw for me!!!
the vice chairman did later apologize for his behavior on the group the foloowing day.
I decided to resign completely from the club in light of this matter.
I have informed the club that I did not condone this behavior and that the person should be removed from management totally.

i was told, because he apologised, we should not kick him while he is down.

really, what message does it send to other normal members?
the vice chairperson will swear you if he likes it and nothing will happen to him.

neewat, sorry guys.
im done with it!!!!

ek f...k erder op my eie aan, sonder die gemors.

next year i will do all fishing comps, the ones with prizes with my own boat, with my own friends.

so, what happens at your club?
laat ek hoor