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 Posted: Thu Jun 20th, 2019 09:07 am
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Gamie007 wrote:
Good Morning people,

I always thought of joining a club for the reason of learning the art of the hobby that I practice or at least try to practice and enjoy as I am not a professional angler but merely one that goes and wet a line when I can which usually means by myself and the club scene looked inviting as to the fact that meeting other fellow fisherman would mean that there would always be company to join when I do venture to the coast.

So I attended a few open day sessions hosted by different organisations hoping to feel enlightened about the prospects of joining one of these clubs.

Now knowing myself I like to enquire and ask questions if I feel the need for clarification on something that peeks my interests and so on and with some senior members as they portray themselves would answer and some would just shrug you off with an attitude as to say what are you talking about.

And this has completely put me off from attending any club invitations regarding bait clinics and comps and so I find myself fishing alone as always and trying to learn the adventure one cast at a time.

Yae, that seems a bit of an arrogant type of person, luckily not all clubs contain these arrogant type of people.
I've found that these arrogant type of people are also always the ones who will come stand 5 meters from you and try cast over you to a spot, because they feel they are owed something in life, and their needs outweigh your time that you want to have a relaxing fishing day.

Best I've come to realize to meet and fish with new people is to when you go out fishing and maybe on your way to a spot to stop at them and have a chat, you will from the get go have a feeling if the person would like company or not. If you have a nice chat ask if you can join, most people would not mind and then you can learn some things from them or visa versa.