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 Posted: Thu Jun 20th, 2019 01:28 pm
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MichaelK wrote:
Not to sound disrespectful, but i think you need to grow a thicker skin. This sort of behaviour happens everywhere even on this forum. To put your tail between your legs and run because of someone elses actions that bears no bearing on your membership is simply unnecessary and silly.

All clubs no matter how elite and fancy have their internal politics. The secret is to mind your own buisness and stay out of the nonsense.

At my club once ive come back from a nice day of fishing and chose to have a few beers at the clubs pub, when the dronkies start gossiping, i just walk away and chat to someone else.

Why let someone elses actions or behaviour affect your life vvbafvv

Ditto, I keep to myself by choice, don't really mingle with the a/holes... but will not keep my mouth for an Admiral... if I know I am in the right... simple..

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