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 Posted: Tue Aug 13th, 2019 06:27 pm
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I was today at AMT composites in Joburg .
You also have a one in Cape Town . Do it right from beginning, go and see what they have there for deck and rest . That composite material ( not nidacore - forgot name ) - It’s amazingly light - at least 3-4 times lighter then wood and very strong . It costs but the lighter boat you make the better will be ( better ride and smaller outboards ) and it does not rot . I would forget about wood - it’s just pain to seal it and it’s far too heavy. If you can get Italian plywood - that is than different story . Butt Cat is all about being light. So don’t make it heavy like a Snake Cat ;)

For that hull you need to use bonding foam and that is a PU closed cell foam . I agree with Willem add two layers of fiberglass . They have different types of glass and they will advise you also which weave is better for that application .
They have all what you need in one shop . Rollers , fiberglass , acetone, foam , fairing compound ... etc .

Good luck - it’s a huge job you doing , but go slow and take time. Remove deck and all foam - make new stringers and so on .... Friend and myself are re doing deck on Seacat - sanding , fixing all crap job by boat builder and previous owner . Preparing for Line-X deck coat . Job just does not end . But that is when you owe the boat . But at the end you will do a proper job without taking shortcuts and your boat will last you for long . What I have seen in past I came to conclusion that no boat Bulider can do better job then myself, neither I will ask any of them anymore to do anything on my boat as I have seen *** job like you cannot believe . Internet and Sealine is your best friend and best knowledge base - rest is your elbow grease and healthy Bank account .
Just my 2c