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 Posted: Wed Aug 14th, 2019 11:19 am
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1. New deck - should I use marine ply with glass or nidacore? Any tips especially for working with nidacore would be much appreciated..
Nidacore or a similar honeycomb material. Layer both sides with glass and remember to put in backing plates where necessary.

2. I suspect the original foam is waterlogged and I would obviously want to redo this - should I replace it with PU foam or go with sondor foam? I'm leaning towards the latter as I like the idea that the sondor does not take on any water or get saturated should any water find itself inside the hull.
I suggest bottles in plastic nets along the keels and then Sondor blocks on top.

Question - Does the PU foam offer structural support hence the reason it is used by the manufacturer AND if so and I use sondor instead would I need to add additional transverse and longitudinal framework/bulkheads under deck to increase structural support with absence of the PU foam.
Foam does not offer much structural support. It does lend some rigidity but you should be adding stringers.

3. Would it be advisable to reinforce the inside of the hull with a layer of fiberglass or maybe a coating of pool coat? Maybe both?
Yes - even 2 layers would be OK