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 Posted: Fri Aug 30th, 2019 11:46 am
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I only fish from the side with 2 rods and they are both spinning rods. Everyone will have their own preference but I dont only throw plastics/lures with them.

Both are 11ft. One is a Daiwa Laguna 11ft with 2oz tip. Very light rod and can flick it all day without the rod tiring you out. I have a Big Boss 5000 reel on this. Great rod for elf etc. But if you want to throw a big bait out with large sinker not ideal.

2nd rod is also 11ft but is a 3 piece blue marlin 4oz tip. This rod can not only throw a 3-4oz plug a mile but can also throw a whole pilchard with a 4oz sinker pretty dam far. This is arguably the most versatile rod I can recommend. Can throw a good bait then switch to throwing lures with ease. But heavy if throwing lures all day but a great all rounder. I have a Big Boss 8000 on it.

Both of these setups wont break the bank. I usually start by throwing a whole pilchard out with bigger rod then throw lures on side of it with smaller rod. very rare that I throw lures all day with bigger rod unless the fishing really gets intense. its just too heavy a setup to spin with all day. And your back WILL cry the next day.

Staying on the Big Boss reels for a bit.

I have had them two years now and havn't had a days issue with them. One particular session on the rocks i lost one of the rods. I didnt know till I saw something floating out in a gully and had to swim for it. Just washed it off with fresh water and DWF it and no problems. neither of my reels have had a decent service yet still work 100%.

I am not going to say I abuse my reels but they certainly do get worked very hard. yet they both still work as great as the day I got them. End of every trip I remove handle and murder it with DWF. Give it a few cranks. Pack away.

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