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 Posted: Mon Sep 16th, 2019 10:53 am
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Foxhat wrote:
At KFC on the Bluff

Rigged up an old cellphone with a couple of No4 trebles through the leather pouch, nice short fishing pole with a marlin reel and some thick line.

Left the passenger window open with the cellphone on the dash, set the
ratchet on the rod between the seats, and off we went, driving around
looking for a good catch.
Must have spent the whole morning at all the hot spots but no takes on the
phone. Got a bit hungry and decided to get some Kentucky in Bluff Road.
Got out the car and locked it forgetting about the passenger window.

Kentucky wasn’t full so ordered a rounder and a coke, when suddenly
RRRRRRRRR......." The ratchet was screaming"

Ran out the shop, couldn’t get to the rod cause the car was locked. Got a
hand on the rod but the reel was jammed between the seats.
Had to try and get the door open to try get the rod out, reel was
screaming, "should have set the ratchet tighter"

Eventually rod up in the middle of the road, tightened the drag......................”OOOONNN DAD”!!!

Flip, he'd gone down the hill, right round the corner, and down the road, couldn’t even see him, but I could hear him, a “reel screamer”!.

Putting my back into it, I hauled him in, expecting a big one, but it was
just a teenager!!

Had to cut the line and let him go,

Oh well, I'll try again next weekend.

Tight lines!

What a lag :hyst: