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 Posted: Mon Sep 23rd, 2019 04:49 pm
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Fin-S wrote:
How is the new transom tied into the hull? I would add in some reinforcing if not already there.
Butt looking good!

Hi Fin-S, the transom is built into the existing transom glass and gel coat shape to keep the angle the same as manufacturing spec.

We put wet glass sheets between the original fiberglass transom shape and the first 21mm marine ply cutout - we sandwiched this together by using a lot of self tapping screws with big washers from the outside. We then repeated this process from the inside with the next section of 21mm ply.

Once that has all cured we glassed the entire transom structure, both sides with the inside fiberglass sheets extending about 200mm onto the hull structure to make a strong joint. So the glass forms one continuous layer from inside over the top and onto the entire outside of the existing transom fiberglass shape...hope that makes sense😅

Further reinforcement I guess will be the longitudinal bulkheads that will meet the transom and be fixed to that.

Any further ideas? You reckon what we have done so far is sufficient or maybe needs additional reinforcement?