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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2019 07:57 am
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Dr halibut hoffman

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For lure for beach or rocky point? Shorter or same length, fishing off the beach you can still go quiet light, off points you need to go heavier and shorter?

Quite a contradiction, light to flick all day, 2-4 oz, very strong backbone..
I have such a setup, my heavy spinning setup, casts a mile but not as far as my 20lb rig.
Blue Marlin superslim grinder blank 30/50/270 3-4 oz, front 2 pieces of 30/50/430 built by Theo (TJ's) in Jeffreys bay (it was all his idea, I told him what I needed and he built it..0.55 high abrasion mono and a grandwave 40.. Have exages, have other heavy (light) 10' rods setup for the same as backups, but that rod and setup is the sweet spot, I don't want to change anything about it. Comfy and light to fish and ergonomic to spin all day with, pull the crap out of hard fighting fish..I can't lift with it like my exages but they take way more effort to fish with. I outcast my heavy grinder spinning rig by a good distance with lighter lures if need be.
I have a 4-6oz rod with same reel and line too for very windy days and recently now fishing a light loomis archipelago 10' converted with 20lb mono and a small magged multiplier for light spinning, low reel position.
All round I think I have found my sweet spots, my gear is such a pleasure to cast and fish with now, comfy, light and capable. That light rig is oh my such a pleasure to cast and fish, my stradic 5000's are now gathering dust. Having so much fun!
Anyway bit of a ramble but maybe it helps..