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 Posted: Sat Nov 2nd, 2019 03:23 pm
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That is a very uncommon set up down here in South Africa.
Most anglers here would think you have gone mad.
But you haven't; although 0.55mm leader with 6-7oz + bait is brave.
What blank / original rod is that you are using?
Without getting too technical: KW30/25/20/12 and then 5x KW10's to a MN10 tip top.

Butt cap to reel position?
Seriously consider a braid mainline and braid leader: 0.25mm ie PE2 to 0.36mm/PE4 shock leader to your choice mono would work for 3-5oz + bait.

Change sinker to 6-7oz and I would suggest PE6-8 for the shock leader; perhaps bumping mainline up to PE4, but your own conditions would dictate this.

Unless you are dealing with very heavy side wash, the 5oz setup will be much more fun, and will cast beautifully.

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