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 Posted: Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 10:15 am
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fergar wrote: ''Are you using plain sinkers or wire grapnel types?''
Usually plain sinkers

''Given up surfcasting with braid?''
Doesn't the tip being allways in motion bother you?

''Out of interest is it a "factory" Zippy ie from Gerry's in the UK?''
Yes, but i only bought the blank to be built here
Try a smaller, say 125g - 150g wire grapnel.

What bait size are you using?

Tip motion doesn't bother me at all - thin braid + 4-5oz grapnel sticks like snot to a shirt sleeve when I use small-ish baits, way better than a plain 7oz and significantly easier to cast, especially if I need to cast far.

Many surf rods for fixed spool reels in SA are built with a low framed KW40 to a low 30 then a 25 and a 20 to a 16 to 12's.

I am convinced the high framed KW30 set up is a better option:KW30H KW25 KW20 KW12 (no size 16) reduction and then 10's.

My own rods use single foot KT guides after the reduction set up: size 8 for rods I throw 3-5oz on and and size 10's for the bigger stick.

Not once, not ever, have I had an issue, but your own mileage may vary from mine....

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