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 Posted: Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 10:16 am
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''I was sliding foot long mullets last night off the beach with 0.55 mono mainline and a 0.8mm leader and 1mm hook snood, with a 5oz sinker..and a 13ft rod. So yeah in SA we would think you've lost the plot! LOL''

We would never use anything like that as we rarely catch any fish over 5 kg from the beach. I usually fish for bass and sea bream.

''The guy giving you advice above is one of the REEL experts out there I hope you realize..?! If anyone can tell you exactly how to do your setup, and make it for you its tackle-holic..''

Yes, I realized that after reading the Fuji KR Concept thread

''You should be fishing a magged size 40 -50 surf multiplier like a SL50SH or GW50 would be my opinion and 0.50 or so mainline with leads like that..or scale down leads and use grapnels which we would not consider fishing currents on beach without, nylon or wire.''

I have never used a multiplier or grapnels, and nobody here uses multipliers for surfcasting (tradition rules, I suppose) and very rarely grapnels (usually pyramid or ball leads with currents)

''What distances are you casting by the way? Our typical surf fishing is casting 4-5oz sinkers or more, 80-150m casts or far less and small and large baits, using 13-15ft rods, generally.''

Pretty much the same