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 Posted: Tue Feb 18th, 2020 09:59 am
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Hi Guys.

Went fishing to Oranjeville this weekend. Saturday morning until Sunday morning. Lots of yellowfish and a few carp. The yellowfish were like germs...taking any and all baits. No moddervis or barbers. Managed a 4kg carp on quatro floatie and banjo dip on the bol.

At about 10h30 saturday night the fish go crazy in the keep net. I go closer and i put on my koplig...and two red orangy eyes peer at me out of the gloom and quite close to the keep net. I clap my hands loudly and I scream like a stuck pig and the eyes just move just out of range of my koplig. Things quietened down until about half an hour later and the scenario played itself out again.

The marauding creature made four attempts on the net resulting in me clapping my hands like a madman and screaming until i lost my voice.

Come sun up and the net is intact and so are the fish but I was a mess.

So what are you guys experiences with otters at the Vaal and how do you keep them at bay.