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 Posted: Tue Apr 21st, 2020 04:54 pm
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Dr halibut hoffman wrote: People have been catching the inkers till now..not stopped.

At least in CT and hermanus, KBay and simonstown from the side. But not now with the lockdown in place, no one except maybe the navy guys are klapping it? The commercial fleet up the east coast can still fish till the end of the month when the the commercial season closes. Sometimes we leave early bells for tuna out of simonstown and the seawall on the navy side is BLACK from the night before, then you know the chokka is chowing!
There are other places you can catch them from the side, I've done it to disprove non-believers, big bull chokkas.. ;) From the side a casting dollie with the keel weight is key, I've caught them under the harbour lights and also in the middle of nowhere after lugging in a 12V LED spotlight and a motorcycle battery, to be honest you just need the jig to be glowing to draw them and a spotlight on the water is not necessary.
  TY for the insight Doc. just a couple more questions.
  1. Could you please share some info on your LED light setup.
  2. Do the squid stay around through winter in the inshore regions like harbours etc?