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 Posted: Fri Dec 18th, 2020 05:09 am
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kaptein delarey wrote:
deisel wrote:
So heres a question. Why in eart do we target barbel as bottom feeders and scaverngerswhen they are actually active predators that hunt in all water columbs and seldom dig on the floor. We had it all wrong chaps

I think that all methods have merit, but targeting them as predators is just a lot more satisfying for me than sitting and waiting for them to smell bait

Ever popped your baits up off the bottom for barbel like a santee rig or just a plattie holding its breath. It doubled my catch rate. If you look at a barbels anatomy. Its eyes face up at a 45 degree andgle. Its longest barbels also face up. When they lie on the bottom the lie at a 20 degree angle upwards they dont bury themselves or lie flat. They are ambush and active hunters and presenting a bait in there eating zone instead of half suncken into the mud produces alot more and agressive bites. If you think about it. A barbrbels mouth is not inverted. It would require alot of enerfygor a large barbel to grt his head down and tail up to root soemthing out of chod or silt. He would much rather just suck something in at eye level or slightly above. Its worked well for me and i stick to it. Small fish i inject with a bit of air. Does the job well. So back to popping it makes perfect sense provided the fish diesnthave to swim up5 m to find the lure