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 Posted: Sat Oct 11th, 2008 11:58 am
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I did a quick count,
found that I have 37 rods of which
about 10 is light tackle,
5 is "surf rods" (2x14ft, 2x12ft, 1x10ft)
the rest is boat - from 10kg up to 37kg ratings
and ofcourse we not talking about damaged and broken rods either.

of them I have reels for probably about 25 rods (roughly)
I know for a fact that I have 5 multipliers
and also 6 lever drag reels (2xmed, 4xlarge - 50 size)
the rest are grinders, different sizes from 2000 up to 12000

Then we not talking lures and all the other stuff, cause I have so many Rapalas and other lures I don't want to count them, most of the lipped lures have never been used. They caught me, not the fish.

Ofcourse there are boats {2x 6.5m skiboats, 1x5m duck} (but I buy wrecks and rebuild them, works out cheaper - and also no concealed damage by previous owner) and the kayak aswell.

I have spent a small fortune on fishing tackle, enough to last me and 5 friends a lifetime

Still cheaper than drugs, and atleast with fishing tackle you have something to show for that money spent.

My dad always told me to do it PROPERLY or LEAVE IT. Being such a good boy I'm just doing what my father told me.