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 Posted: Tue Jan 20th, 2009 12:38 am
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hi Riymos.point taken about the mutual love for the ocean.the sad part tho is that fisherman and the sport are not taken seriously.we enevitably have a raw deal.let me explain.i fish regularly on the piers at the durban beach front.we are hounded by da parkies,beach patrol and the s a p.we have limited fishing areas and it seems we are given limited fishing areas so we can b policed me an area in durban where a fisherman can go for a family decent and peaceful fishing outing.mind you the authorities are getting a healthy income from permit and licence revenue.miillions really.i ask what has been given back in terms of education,competitions,fascilities and support.

on the other hand we have da surfer who pays not a cent in terms of permit.flaunts all da rules pertaining  to surfing near bathers,keeping their surfing distance from da  piers and leave da vast durban coastline and decide to surf a few meters in front of da fisherman.that to with arrogance,punity and decodence.and dare a fisherman try to make a humble and polite request.da abuse from surfers,followed by a  beachpatrol vehicle and sap on da pier with threats of arrest and closure of pier.

the surfer has all the privledges,support and protection from da authorities for free.for good measure they are also given a surfing week on da citys sporting calendar.fishermen r caut hook line and sinker^^..