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 Posted: Thu Feb 12th, 2009 03:54 pm
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The Urchin

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icstuff wrote: The Urchin wrote: icstuff wrote: Urchin you have a new avatar every day. where do you get them avatars-R-us?

Icstuff, when your a superhero like me, and have a huge fan base
they tend to do drawings of you. This Avatar was drawn by Elmo
a dyslexic, bi-polar, blind and deaf chimpanzee with only one arm and no legs
at an El Salvador rehab for chimps who got addicted to coca cola and brandy whilst workng in the circus industry.

I have to use them or the populace think I dont care about the little people
who put me where i am today. Its all about the fans. :cool:

Every night before I go to bed I thank God that I have no Fans... now i know why
I also know a good Psychiatrist who work with really sick people, I think he can help you.


Your a fine one to least I dont see things !!