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 Posted: Fri May 8th, 2009 02:48 pm
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I have had one for a couple of years now,not exactly like the one in the ad,but like the one on the guys wrist in the ad(older model).It has distinct advantages,it is very accurate as a barometer,a compass,and temp gauge,altimeter and in can even tell the time.It also stores barometer patterns for a certain time,for example if you knew you caught a few kobbies at 9h00 clock at night you can check the following day or later that evening ,if there was any change in barometer at that time,,as long as the watch was in the same location(altitude) as you,say in your holiday cottage a few kilometers away.

It shows a falling barometer in a jiffy,which can translate to better catches.My experience would have it that an hour or two before,and after the drop, would be very good for various species .

It is robust ,watertight to a degree,yet it is not something you would want to wear to work,unless your'e a snowboarding instructor.The newer one does look a tad slimmer though.