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 Posted: Fri May 8th, 2009 06:23 pm
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I  dont have a lot of "remote-control-time" nowadays between my 13yr old son and the missus,but I can remember a time when even the ESA guys were seen wearing similar brand watches(probably get something else from the sponsors nowadays),there must be a reason for this surely.

I know that Lance Grobler from Anglers world in Shelley Beach wears a watch with a barometric function(the writer of many a fine article in the angling magazines,a gentleman of note ,and somebody with a vast VAST knowledge of angling in various disciplines,KZN colours for rock and surf and BASS if I am correct.That may mean nothing to some people,but surely there is a reason.If you know there is front coming through and you wish to fish the time just before it (when fish are believed to bite more sporadically in certain places(most-,,,debatable) ,then you will have an edge by seeing the drop in pressure,prior to its actual arrival,right on your arm,not on some dodgy barometer bought from an interior design shop.

Do I think SUUNTO  is the right one ,yes,for me,maybe not for the next guy,but it has yielded results for me,especially when used in combination with local knowledge (species for weather pattern arriving etc).Also I can honestly say I have had over 5 years of trouble free operation(probably nearer 7 yrs).

They cost slightly more than a decent gents watch,but they are interesting enough to make up for the money spent,I recommend you try a dealer and physically inspect one before buying,.It becomes a bit like quality bait,if you spend so much on getting there and taking the cost of your tackle and travel ,then surely you want every advantage you can get to make the time fishing worthwhile. 

Hope it helps