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 Posted: Sun May 17th, 2009 09:09 pm
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Khan, Cheapest fishing, Hightide, Jigastar and now even Bluecity are right here,
If we add another small shop to the list it might end up to be just anather drop in the ocean.
My feeling is if we support the already suppliers ( members of sealine ) and build them bigger we might end up with real competators.
Fact: it is easier to get in your car ( filled with fuel ) and drive to the tackle shop and buy over priced goods.
Fact: you dont consider the fuel as you have already paid for it.
Fact: We all go to buy a packet of hooks and walk out with a purchase tripple we had in mind.
And so the list goes on.

WHY: Dont we support our members and go through the little effort as to get prices from them and have the articles posted to us.

Count your blessings-- Should I want to buy a packet of swivels of the shelf I have to travel 260 KM to do it a half decent tackle shop. Then I dont even talk about the price.