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 Posted: Tue Aug 25th, 2009 05:45 pm
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benniejordaan wrote: Sealine is a forum... not a tackle shop.

I agree, although a great place to market and generate an income for the upkeep of Sealine, I believe we should not dilute what has proven to be a succesfull forum??

I also sell tackle amongst other things, and also get uptight when I feel I am getting ripped by the wholesalers, but by and large there are a lot of costs involved with some of the bigger guys, volume based ordering ,logistics and financing slow moving lines, lets face it, in a perfect world we would all love to have a full stock turn around in 60 days?? And the guys that are pulling the ring out of it will have there day, trust me. But I digress, we need the guys to advertise on the site to generate an income and the guys which dont contribute either through advertising or direct benefit to sealine members should not be allowed the free punt, I am guilty of this too as I have also indirectly advertised some items(;)did not help much still no sportsfisher in costa rica) but we certainly would not be doing our advertisers any good by cutting them out, why would they need to run there own focused sites? We would be diluting there interests and the ideals which Sealine was founded on.

We get pounded everyday with specials, limited offers and pressure purchases, I dont want to have that while chilling in front of Sealine...I have other sites for that.