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 Posted: Tue Aug 25th, 2009 08:49 pm
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I have recently stated that I'd rather be a Sealiner than an advertiser and I'll stick to that.

This is a fantastic forum to discuss various products, brands, concepts and developments and there is a huge need for that, both from a sellers as well as a buyers point of view.

By not allowing or encouraging advertisers to initiate or participate in these discussions that have commercial value, you end up with a politically correct forum that exclusively draws attention to products and brands that do not contribute to the upkeep of the forum.

Can we establish or use a category where we can initiate such discussions?

As an example: the Omoto thread:
I need to do market research that benefits myself, as well as the fishing public from the various views expressed. Don't forget that there are many retailers and suppliers also following this thread, looking at the response from the public.

If I decide to make it a permanent product in my shop, it could contribute to the success or failure of it, having a cascading effect upwards and downwards from the manufacturer to the end user.

Establish some guidelines that prevent advertisers posting prices, but not the public for example. Then we can state to which product or range we are comparing it to and then compare stats and features for instance.

Just my 2c