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 Posted: Thu Aug 27th, 2009 01:35 pm
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 can someone working for or with sea fisheries please tell me why the permit buying anglers cannot get a barcoded plastic card instead of a piece of paper that you can use to wipe your nose with after the first 6 months.The library even gives you a flippen card ,but the hundreds and thousands of anglers paying R70 every year cannot fund a card system that would make life easyer for the anglers and authorities  -i am sure that this has been asked before but sh*t can someone do something about it.Just think if they can take your card swipe it trough a machine and up comes your face with details instead of trying to make out if the permit is still legal after the ink has been washed off or torn apart

I need some support on this matter guys,veral die ouens wat vir hulle werk help ons asseblief !!!^^..