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 Posted: Tue Sep 15th, 2009 11:43 am
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The only thing we do differently is we do not put the two so far apart. The floating one ends up about 30-40cm max away from the bottom weighted one. 10kg line is the heaviest you should use. We use 4kg braid with a 6kg mono leader. We only started using the braid last December and it makes one hell of a difference as you can feel everything. Different places seem to like different colours although the pink floating yamashita has to be my all time favorite and I don't think I'm alone on that one.

Recently I have found the orange and green striped canvas covered jig with all the barbs on it to be superb. Have no idea what make they are, I buy them at False Bay tackle.
Also the blue and black stripe (mackeral colouring) works very well. When they slack, rub them (the jigs) on some pilchard. Even cut tiny pieces of sard and put it on. Thats been a winner for us. I have left one or two in the Berkley "juice", not sure if it made a difference on that day as it was thick anyway and the whole crew was firing. But the pilchard trick works well.

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