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 Posted: Wed Oct 21st, 2009 08:49 pm
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John F wrote: Hey Shag,
Wahoo are still a mystery to me... at least in our area... here in Maputo bay, people will not target them directly, but some good catches have been made, especially during late winter early summer...

One thing I've noticed is that no one seems to catch smaller-sized wahoo. All wahoo I've seen around here are +12 Kg. What size wahoo have you been catching in Sodwana, Vidal, RB?

Where are all the babies? Is our coast just a feeding area for the teenagers?

Guys, any ideas?

Hey John,

I would like to say that we have only caught big ones but we have had some rats of 5-7 kg of of Vidal and sodwana, but your right the average of of here is around 12-13kg my biggest locally was around 20 and we got a belter of 28 of xai-xai.

again I think we just don't fish enough for them here, I am sure the juniors are here as well as those 100lb fish, I have had marlin lures attacked by fish that screamed of at such a speed on 80lb and then we have only had a neat trimmed leader to show for our efforts...I can only imagine they are big hoo's??