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 Posted: Mon Nov 2nd, 2009 07:14 am
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Kumz wrote: skrops wrote: benniejordaan wrote: Kumz wrote: Hi Bennie ,

Skrops used His Head lamp ...

Interesting... Experiment coming up tonight. What brand were they? Do you know?

I think we used one from my tackle box which was a egg shaped soft idea what the brand name was, had them for too long.

Yep you are right it was yours !!!


I dont think that time should play a role in it not shining for longer ... i cud be mistaken !!!
I think time does play a part, but within reason. If you flash the bead in the light for 2 seconds it wont glow as bright or as long as if you do for 2 minutes. 2 hours would/should make no difference. I'll do some different experiments.