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 Posted: Wed Nov 14th, 2007 05:26 pm
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I like both , bur prefer Rock and Surf by far.I feel you are much more active fishing salt water , fresh water you can sometimes leave you bait alone for 60 minutes , while we probably have tried 3 different baits in 5 casts minimum in an hour.

The other things for me is the sea always look different when you get there , wind , tide all these thing changes the scene.

I probably relax more while freshwater fishing and defintely have 1 or 2 captain morgans.I am in the developing stage of a flask type holder in which I can take my captain with me to the reefs.But I might have to wear a life jacket then also , heheheh

Both have their advantages.I think its unfair to ask somebody from Jhb what he prefers.