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 Posted: Fri Dec 25th, 2009 07:10 pm
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I was recently very disappointed after purchasing a shimano saragosa 4000 reel after taking it on its first trip off the point to look for some yellow tail. I found some fish in front of bellows and cast a small snake into some fish on the surface. A beautiful tail smashed me hard and ran, the drag seemed to be running off smoothly then all of a sudden the rod jerked and the braid snapped. On inspection the drag was self tightening as the fish peeled off the braid, untill it obviously reached max and the big fish just snapped the line. After testing it you can actually see the drag slipping and tightening up as you pull line off against the drag.

A friend of mine has had exactly the same problem with his saragosa 4000. Does anyone out there had a similar experience? They are expensive reels and shimano usually produce quality products. I spoke to a guy at tuckers tackle shop and he said he had heard that a lot of shimano products were being made in china so the quality control has dropped?