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 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2009 02:13 pm
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For the last year or so I have been using a Stradic 6000 for yellowtail, and out of the box the drag was not very smooth.

This was not to much of a problem, as I fish with 50lb braid and a 60lb mono leader,and fish with a fairly tight drag, and pull the fish hard, so they seldom run more than 5m at a time, this is done to prevent the tail cuting me off on the reefs.

Anyway after a couple of months of this abuse the drag seized-up, on stipping the drag I found that everything was covered with black layer of dust/grime, and the drag washers where sticking together,it took half an hour of scrubbing with a tooth brush to remove this grime layer from the spool and the washers.

Before re-assembly, I put a small amount of graphite on the washers, the result was a much smoother drag than the reel had out of the box.

It would seem that the washers fitted to the Stradic are not of the best quality, the dust/grime build up comes from the washers, and it may be be a good idea to look for better quality replacements.

I've had to strip and clean the drag twice more.

I'm not sure where the Saragosa fits in the Shimano's line up of reels, but going by price it seems to be below the Sustain and about on par with the Stradic.

I also have a pair of 4000 Stradic's that I use mainly for leervis, and these drags are a lot smoother than the 6000, but then I dont work the smaller reels as hard.

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