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 Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2008 06:46 pm
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Chris Shelton

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The master assasin wrote: Oooh..... u just threw the cat amongst the pigeons mate!

I personally haven't seen the dvd yet..but i have taken the following stance to dvds in general..i would rather take my hard earned 200 bucks and pay my annual club fee where my senior club members would rather give up their own personal time and valuable insider tips to coach me and address my individual needs...this i find more insightfull and off greater value to me rather than watchin 90min off general fishing talk..remember no pro will dish out his secrets on a dvd no matter how good they are! As for dvd's? They not made for fun,they made for financial business rule off thumb applies.."least amount off info put in + fancy marketing =highest turnover" then u get the same silly person who bought the dvd booking a trip on the guided tour because he wants to meet his hero who landed the big shark! Might as well get schalk burger making dvds!

But hey this just my opinion!

I couldn't agree more!