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 Posted: Mon Apr 26th, 2010 12:14 am
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Then of course there is the matter of 'time', a substance invented by the English.

We reference 'time' in terms of a simple rotation around the sun and the moon around us which gives us days and years - but is there a 'bigger rotation' somewhere, where time doesn't exist, they claim at the speed of light time would stand still, but would it.

If ET's do exist in other places, would they live longer because they 'travel' faster through space than we do ? It may well be possible to travel from one galaxy to another in a split second where you won't age, but back on earth many many thousands of years may go by. So time could be a very relative term.

Then there's the matter of reincarnation. We all know that Rembrandt was a painter once, and today he's a cigerette, but who says you haven't lived before in another time.

So many things eh.