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 Posted: Mon Apr 26th, 2010 05:56 am
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Ian F wrote: I find it amazing, that since the advent of digital cameras, digital video cameras, and cameras on cell phones, the number of UFO sightings, and blurry photographs of UFOs  has dropped dramatically.

Surely with all the new technology, there should be more photos???

Ian F the sceptic


Ian F-- here I have to agree with you, however i would like to mention one example.

A couple of years ago a UFO was reported to have landed near a school  ( primary) in Zimbabwe.

it was reported that the aliens actually climbed out of the UFO and was outside for a couple of minutes.

As usual first on the scene was the guys from the good old US of A.

They questioned all the kids that saw the UFO and alien "people" and asked the kids to make a drawing.  (REMEMBER THESE ARE PRIMARY SCHOOL KIDS).

The found that all the kids questioned stories matched so close that it could not have been a pre-manufactured story to get publicity.

Also the drawings made by the kids where so close that even there no fabrication was found.

THEN as usual---- And this is the part that I dont understand-

All of an American sudden ( which is faster than a ZIMBABWEAN sudden) the school is reallocated, the children and their homes reallocated etc,etc.

Rosswell,  area 52 USA --same story UFO is said to have crashed there-- Go try and find the people that lived there--NIKS, NADA, NOTHING. After the US army was there the inhabitants vanished into thin air.