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 Posted: Sun May 2nd, 2010 06:40 pm
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Fishing Day 1

We decided to approach day 1 as we would conventional angling and rigged with #8 Tri-Blades (8714) on 0.25mm Fluorocarbon hook links

We also rigged up the 13' T53 with 0.16mm C+ Hypercasting and 4oz rigs and started fishing out at around 180m. 

We then set about turning fresh popcorn feed, maples, peanuts, kaboems and boilie chop into 30kg of fresh 70mm feedballs.

By now we could see fish were rolling at around 120m so we decided feeding the bait in at 120m was the way to go.  We put in 30kg of fresh feed at 120m and the set about putting pre-prepared feed and 20kg of boilies in at 60 and 80m

I re-cast at 120m and before I could set my swingarms my reel took off on a screamer of a run. I felt the initial run and commented to Marius that this was going to be a Gold Medal fish if it wasn't a Catfish.  20 minutes later and with 0.16mm line I landed a 17.7kg Catfish.

The fishing was abnormally productive and all through the day and first night we caught fish on the 120m mark.  We also caught 4 x 6kg+ fish and by the 24 hour mark we were in 2nd position in the zone with 91kg of fish and Dean and Pieter were in good 2nd position and Jason and Derrick, there first compo together in a 8th position (10 teams)

On night 1 I woke up to some cussing and rather crude comments about Catfish.  From inside the tent I could see Marius putting the 0.25mm S-Missile high viz line through it's paces and the 13' Prophet was bent down into the solid carbon butt and he was muttering some unmentionables about catfish and now it had headed off to the right across all the other lines and was trying to wrap him around the weighing station.

I shon my Petzel out from the tent and caught the distinctive orange of a nice size carps tail.  I screamed at him to ease of as it was a medal class fish.  True as nuts, a long common coming in at 6.682kg and which would evetually earn 3rd position in the top 3 fish category.

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