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 Posted: Sun May 2nd, 2010 08:22 pm
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Day 3

It was a nerve racking night, watching the Gauteng and Free State anglers sacking fish all night long at a rate of 6 to our 1.  By now we feared we had slipped back into 4th spot as Loutjie and Gilbert were also nailing the fish.

First daylight weigh in and we could see what was going on.  Gauteng presented 20 fish to the weigh in but 18 were under the 1.5kg minimum mark and the 2 that qualified couldn't have weighed more than 3.5kg (cumulative)  Same thing happened with Free State.  We presented 9 fish 33kg so all the worries seemed of no consequence.

We soon learned that the Gauteng team had inched their way to 20kg ahead of us (after we had weighed the 33kg)

We searched for the fish and soon found them on the dropoff so Marius set about fishing hard on the fish and I got to work with the boilie pipe and fed single boilies at 80m from 06:00 till the 12 o'clock finish with the off fish catch inbetween.  We managed 15 fish to the 3 of Gauteng and 5 of Free State and we knew that the last 40 minutes could mean a win for us.

5 minutes before time and 3 rods go away and we manage 3 fish for just over 11kg and Gauteng presents 2 fish.  Lines up and now to break camp, shower and get to the function.