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 Posted: Thu May 6th, 2010 07:56 pm
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Timothy Scriven

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Yes Pranesh you are correct (by your long words, ..I would think)
That's why it reads that the photos will give the chaps an idea on the rest of the procedure.
My laymens terms are a dead giveaway that I am but a humble man off the street....and battled to find any words to describe my petty little "scrapping" I had.

So by you saying that a pterygium removal is "totally different" , do you mean that the injection in to the right corner of my eyeball, the insertion with the scalpel, the cutting with the little curved scissors, the hole left in my "only the surface of the cornea" and the big blob of yellow gunk left in the doctors sample bag after the surgery, was all because I maybe have too much time on my hands to think of ways to get sympathy?

If I was trying to get two seconds of fame, I would have faked open heart surgery.
The point of this topic was the EYE DAMAGE.