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 Posted: Thu Sep 23rd, 2010 06:22 am
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I was fishing at Angler's Friend, Roodeplaat Dam. The bait boat refused to come back after dropping off the second line. I was too proud to ask a neighbor to borrow a canoe, after all it did not look that far into the dam, I've done better than that lots of times.

Halfway to the bait boat I hit a current that was flowing in from the Pienaars river. Should have turned around then, but NO!. Besides I was already halfway there, just have to aim far in front of the  boat so that the current will take me to the money. (Second mistake)

So after fighting the current and draining my energy I was stuck halfway between the boat and the shore, with no energy left to reach either.

This was when I realized that I was in trouble. Treading water I was able to signal to shore that I needed assistance. Luckily for me a fellow angler saw ages ago that there was something amiss and was already on his way to rescue me.

Because of pride I nearly lost my life, nearly drowned with my wife and children watching!

Thanks again for the rescuer (he disappeared before I could breath again and I did not get his name), I owe you my life.

Lesson learned: DON'T swim unfamiliar water, wear life jackets and don't let your pride kill you.

I hope my stupidity saves someone from doing the same and coming to a worse end.



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