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 Posted: Mon Jan 24th, 2011 09:24 am
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As we all know, sliding is becoming more and more popular among anglers these days. And as we are all too aware, with it comes lost tackle from burnoffs etc. Not only does it cost us money, it also fouls up the ocean.

There are a few techniques one can apply to minimise burnoffs, here are few tips that work really well for me.

1) If sliding for ineds, don't use line thinner than .50.
2) When sliding your bait out, try and wade(if fishing the surf) as far as possible to minimise the amount of beakers that need crossing.
3) Time your release of the slide, wait for a lull then send it out.
4) Depending on what you're targeting adjust the length of your trace, but try to keep it short, helps prevent trace wrapping around mainline. I generally fish a trace of about 50-60cm. Reason being, I have been using circles exclusively for more than a year now, and have had very few gut hooks. Hooks set in the mouth. Fish chews on my hook not my trace.
5)When starting shake down process, start of with fast jerks, imagine shaking a tree to get the fruit falling off.
6) Once the bait disappears beneath the surface start with long slow shakes.
7) Once you have shook long enough and think that your bait is down, break anchorage of the sinker. This does 2 things; 1- you can check if your slide is at the stop ring, and 2- it reduces burnoffs from stuck sinkers.

Hope this can help someone