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 Posted: Mon Dec 12th, 2011 07:58 am
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To be honest - no place or spot is safe.   :fbash     
Today & tomorrow & for the next days or weeks it will be safe & quiet , no incidents , :SSS:::S  only to find the next day something horrible has happened , or its once off    :fbash:fbash        - U know that !!

Any spot or place is as safe as we make it. The more anglers/visitors you have frequenting an area , the more attention is drawn to the "would-be criminals" residing or operating in a particular area.   :fishn::cop:::cop:::cop:::cop:::cavmn::cavmn::gas:::gas:::gas:::gas:::gas:      If there are guards or eyes and ears around watching out for tell-tale signs to alert anglers , then its a bonus.

I suppose we all do as most other anglers , and fish the quiet  areas and avoid the sneaky and questionable ones - which is totally against my belief. :fbash:fbash:fbash:fbash    Sorry had to explain that !!!!!

To come back to yr quest : AMATIKHULU now days and the recent past has seen break ins to cars , theft of tackle etc on the beaches , one shooting incident early 2011 on the beach.  Then I must ad that these incidents occur when there is no one in sight near their property/tackle/cars etc. The criminals are still scared of a good head banging. This happens during the day.  Imagine what can happen during the eve ?

Along the banks of the river its fairly safe I would say if you fish in a small group , not till late after dark , and don't abandone your property to far from you.

From the river mouth on the westerly side up past the old prawn farm is good fishing for smallish size fish - springers/grunter/small GT's /Pickhandles/Perch/kob/gurnards etc. Keep looking for channels/banks & bays.

I have had no reports of late since the large amount opf water that came down & subsequent fishing. Will have to get updates and post.