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 Posted: Wed Jun 4th, 2008 07:04 pm
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Hi all, who has any knowledge / experience with poisoning as a result of eating yellowtail, or any other species such as mackerel that are known to "trek gif" as the old folk used to say?

I have now heard 2 accounts in recent days. In one case the person caught the fish himself at Cape Point (in the 70's) and aupon eating it immediately realised something was wrong - as he describes: "As I bit into it, it literally POPPED in my mouth" almost like the meat exploded. He was sick within a minute, almost similar to eating shrooms.

The other person had a severe drop in bloodpressure and took himself to hospital where he actually witnessed his own heart "stop". He was very ill for 3 days. The doctors reckoned it was an allergic reaction to the fish. (also yellowtail)

They both say they will never eat 'tail again. Personally I LOVE the stuff so that's scary.

any thoughts?