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 Posted: Tue Nov 21st, 2006 12:19 pm
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Hi Guys,

I have had extensive experience in fresh and salt. Fished for S/Transvaal competetively catching carp, barbel, mudfish and the always elusive largemouth yellowfish. I fished the whole Vaal system both rivers and dams also Koppies, Bloemhof, Hartebeespoort just to mention a few and then flyfished the smaller rivers for small and largemouth yellows. I bass fish fly and lure and have fished most of the dams and Vaal River. AND THEN I MOVED TO NATAL: What a shock when I got stripped up at Winklespruit and when the big stumpies and brusher smashed me into the rocks. It was a bit of an eye opener and the tackle box changed and a 17 foot carp rod changed to a 400/5. My orlando centre pin changed to speedmaster and the hooks and bait changed size.

I am now totaly hooked on salt water fishing, bought a ski boat and a paddle ski. I do still take the kids to the dam where they catch carp and scallies(smallmouth yellowfish) and the occasional barbel.

At the end of the day its in your blood, you are a fisherman or not. The look in the persons eye when he is at a piece of water and does not have a fishing rod or the withdrawal symptoms of spending a week without wetting a line.

If the sea is bad fish the dams just not to keen on eating the dam fish.

Thats my story and I am sticking to it