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Boat rods and reel  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2016 05:58 pm
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Joined: Mon May 23rd, 2016
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Posts: 77
Equipment: Little bitt of everything
Best Catch: 6kg Dorado
Favorite Fishing Spot: Any productive place
Boat: 19ft Ace Craft with two 85 yamahas
Club: no
Good day

I was wondering if i can get some info inregards to boat rods and reels ehat would you suggest for using about 5nm where can i buy them and what gear to use and what do thet cost roughly


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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2016 06:59 pm
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Joined: Tue Oct 28th, 2014
Location: Centurion & Hibberdene, South Africa
Posts: 1374
Equipment: Purglas 400/2, 400/4, 350/2, 12ft6 oval DC custom, 10ft6 oval ...
Best Catch: Raggie 220kg, Barbel 31kg, Catface 7.2kg, Zambies, Blacktip, Hammer
Favorite Fishing Spot: Lower South coast(Hibberdene to Port Edward), Vaal river
Boat: Ski Vee 500
Club: Hibberdene Ski Boat Club
If you can supply some more information on what you want to target then the guy's would be able to give you a much better idea what to look at.

What you wanna fish for and what your budget is will be the most deciding factor.

Good to have a couple of spinning set-ups on the boat as well.

Rods-Purglas, Poseidon offshore series, Elbe solid fibreglass, Kingfisher solid Fibreglass.

Reels-Shimano and Penn Lever drags rule the roost. Okuma also have excellent lever drag reels.

Spinning-Shimano, Penn, Okuma

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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2016 07:47 pm
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Visserman (Stephan)

Joined: Mon Mar 10th, 2014
Location: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Posts: 121
Equipment: Shimano
Best Catch: Sailfish 45kg. GT26kg, Cuda 24kg, Dorado 12kg, wahoo 22kg
Favorite Fishing Spot: Mozambique, Inhambane, Durban, Zinkwazi, waar die vis byt
Boat: Quick Catch 186, mercury 115hp EFI
Club: Zinkwazi and DBOA

Have to agree with IWyk. Main question is where, what, how and budget. I love the combo of a shimano beastmaster and TLD 20 or 25 spooled with 30lb line and you are good to go with most gamefish.

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