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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 12:09 am
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Joined: Sun Feb 20th, 2011
Location: Hillcrest, South Africa
Posts: 92
Equipment: Stealth,Hardy, Daiwa,Penn,Various. Flyfishing,surf fishing,spearfishing(longtime ago)
Best Catch: Black Musslecracker 29lbs,4.75lb Rainbow trout in RIVER.
Favorite Fishing Spot: Arniston,Hole-in-the-Wall and Rhodes
Boat: No
Club: Yes...Natal Fly Fishing Club
South Africa has had some great fisherman...big game, surf, rock,  boat, trout fly fishermen, and some of them all rounders that are good at all.
Some of them I've met, others I correspond with and others I have not but read their informative articles and books.

I remember the late Mike Stott of Cape Town who I did meet twice. Mike was an incredible angler, not only a Springbok Game Fisherman but a spinnerman off the ledges of Cape Point where he took many a yellowtail, he also fished in many other catergories and was a member of the Cape Piscatorial Society which catered mainly fof fly fishing for trout and bass.

Charles Norman who was well known and wrote many articles and produced a book.Charles fished for everything and every where. He guided and arranged expeditions in East Africa for Big Game and in the Lakes for Nile Perch, he fished surf, lagoon and rock and fly fished for trout, tigerfish, bass, bream and other species both freshwater and sea. He was an expert with a lure, who could place them spot on in the holes between the lilies at Okavango for bream. Charles was not a snob and even fished for carp and yellowfish with bait.

The greatest Natal rock and surf fisherman of many years ago was Len Jones who knew more about Natal fishing than anybody in Natal and he wrote a lot about. I never met him but followed his writings, instructions and reports.

Tom Sutcliffe is well known amongst fly fishermen, especially trout and writes supreme articles and his books are world class and entertaining. He is a lovely person with a huge ability to entertain by using his gifted talent and wit and probably has done more for trout fishing in this country than any body I can think of.

The late Jock Dichmont was well known in the Cape, firstly because he was a lawyer that abandoned his profession to buy the old Arniston Hotel and go fishing.When asked why he gave up a successful position in the family practice...he simply remarked..."I prefer fishing to law!" Jock simply loved the sea, fishing, diving, spearfishing and everything that related to it. He reminded me of a Ernest Hemingway type of man and was rather alike to the Old Man of the Sea.

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