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Age old topic of fishing venues  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thu Jan 30th, 2020 12:13 pm
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Hey everyone.
I got into fishing a few months ago and I am having a really hard time finding places to fish short of driving to Robertson for the weekend or joining an angling club. As much as what I would love to join a club, I am trying to finish a PhD and not sure how much time I have for fishing this year, which also means I cannot take a drive out to Robertson every other weekend to get my lines wet.
My husband and I live in Durbanville and are looking for places to go fishing for (pretty much anything that will bite, it does not have to be big) mostly bass and carp. The forums are so outdated that I have really struggled the last month or so to find any places that still allow fishing. We have been to Le Bonheur and while it is a beautiful venue, we caught a whole lot of nothing and had a few other bass fishermen there the day but I don't think anyone even as much as saw a fish that day. I have followed up on some of the posts of places people have suggested for fishing such as Sonstraal Dam and Paarl Dam, but Sonstraal dam one may not fish at (were there over the weekend for a picnic and law enforcement made an appearance), and Paarl dam only allows you to fish there if you are a group of 10 or more people or you belong to an angling club. The dams on Bottelary road I have heard about, La Lancha and another dam out there on a private farm where people used to fish, La Lancha no longer allows angling, and my husband was at the other dam this morning and spoke to somebody there, after the drought so much grass has grown in there that the dam is impossible to fish, so those two are also ruled out.
Please are there any other places in the Cape Town area that still allow fishing? My husband and I love nature and it is his birthday next weekend and all he wants to do is go catch a fish on his birthday with a friend or two (no alcohol or party, just relaxed day of fishing), and so far I cannot find a place to take him for the day. If someone is even willing to show us a place or come with us to give us some tips, we have so much to learn about fishing and would appreciate that too. Any tips are welcome, you can private message me too if you do not want to post something on the forum.
Thank you in advance :)

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