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 Posted: Tue Aug 4th, 2009 05:02 pm
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Joined: Mon Aug 3rd, 2009
Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Posts: 232
Equipment: Deep Sea tackle mixed bag of deep sea rods and ...
Best Catch: Deep Sea tackle mixed bag of deep sea rods and ...38 kg Cob/12 kg Geelbek/6.8 kg Grunter...Yellowtail, Skates, big Elf ...
Favorite Fishing Spot: Anywhere and Anyplace - Deep sea is my favourite.
Boat: Kosi Cat 186 FC - Full house.
Club: Deep Sea tackle mixed bag of deep sea rods and ...38 kg Cob/12 kg Geelbek/6.8 kg Grunter...Yellowtail, Skates, big Elf ...PEDSAC - Deep Sea - Port Elizabeth & Rod Club ...
Hi...the rivers in the Eastern Cape...

Gamtoos River - 80 km from Port Elizabeth towards Cape Town.

Sundays River - 30 km from Port elizabeth towards East London.

Swartkops River - 10 Km from city center Port Elizabeth.

Krom River - About 130 km from P.E. towards Cape Town...

Fish River - About 180 km from PE on towards East London.

There are a lot more river like the Kariega etc all between Port Elizabeth and East London....


You can get accomodation / or a camping site at all of the above ...I tow my boat and spend weekends or even longer on my boat...fresh water to brush my teeth...and a face cloth bath and a boat is rigged out with a gas stove...a 12 volt chiller...and a small portable TV and a bucket for you know what ??

To the other chap that is having wheel bearing advice is to turn the back seal around on the wheel hub and fit grease nipples to your bearing cups...then when you grease your wheel bearing it forces the old grease ( and any water out and replaces it with fresh grease ) As a precaution I carry spare wheel bearings with me in my tool kit and the necessary to fix any problem on the road.

I was in Port St Johns in June...river very muddy and silting up...its more ariver for grunter in late June July...but trust me more fish come out of our rivers in the East Cape and much best Grunter is 6.85 kg / Shad 4.5 kg / cob 38 kg / Garrick 11 kg / Skate 48 kg / Gurnard 3 kg / Skip Jack 4.8 kg / Steenbras 14.6 kg not to mention the rats and mice...all caught in the above rivers on 4 kg line.

I had a Interceptor cabin boat and sold it last month and bought a Flamingo with a wet deck and I am busy rigging it for river estuaries and for going to sea to fish bay league competitions....almost done and should be finished by the end of the its a lot of work when you dont have help..




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 Posted: Tue Aug 4th, 2009 06:37 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 29th, 2009
Location: Empangeni / Richards Bay, South Africa
Posts: 81
Equipment: Abu "Blue Yonder", Abu Big Game amongst others Abu /Shimano ...
Best Catch: Salmon, Grunter
Favorite Fishing Spot: North Coast
Boat: Interceptor 18.6 (Bay Boat)
Club: Boat Club
What motor size are you running, the v6 of mine is also a bit heavy on fuel

I have a Jhonson 100hp, V4. Not too bad on the fuel consumption, but going flat out does tend to drink fuel.

Doublecab has an excellent list there, i wish I had the time to fish those rivers! I am trying for Knyasna for easter next year, hope it works out.

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 Posted: Wed Aug 5th, 2009 06:02 am
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Joined: Tue Aug 7th, 2007
Location: Pretoria
Posts: 491
Equipment: Shimano LTB gear
Best Catch: All
Favorite Fishing Spot: Not found yet
Boat: AceCraft twin 70hp evinrudes and Stingray duck with 90 Yammie
Club: no
Thanks guys, and doublecab, I will make contact with you as soon as I'm ready to start planning the trip if you dont mind this. Seems to me youve done it all down in the east.

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 Posted: Tue Aug 11th, 2009 04:49 am
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Joined: Wed Jan 14th, 2009
Location: PTA, South Africa
Posts: 349
Equipment: Whats in your box?
Best Catch: 29.4kg Amberjack
Favorite Fishing Spot: Any place in Moz
Boat: Ski Vee 500 Sport
I second the Segfield area your options are endless. Swartflei can be great and you can go all the way up to the mouth and then a short walk up to the beach for the kids. Knysna 25km away and is great fun can fish, ski and when thirsty stop for a beer at one of the pubs. To mix things up you have Groenflei for some of the best bass fishing but will need electric motor for that.

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 Posted: Wed Aug 12th, 2009 07:38 am
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Joined: Mon Mar 30th, 2009
Location: Boksburg, South Africa
Posts: 90
Equipment: shimano slade 2500 midde weight sensation passion stick 12pound floro ...
Best Catch: 25kg yellowfin tuna,3kg bass
Favorite Fishing Spot: sodwana port edward
Boat: 5.6m semi riget duck 2x 65 suzuki's
try kosi bay best estuary fishing in kzn lake 2 has masive grunter and bream and baracuda but they dif to catch lake 3 lots of gts

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