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The Aftco Roller troller System Pics  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Tue Jun 22nd, 2010 11:52 am
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Read the other Post We Made Regarding This , under shark fishing .
there are 2 Basic Methods .
One Would Be to do the double up theory .
Kite Out , with line attached through a roller .300 to the Kite .
Then 300m to the kite on your fishing line , with the bait lying Next to you in a emmer , and 300m back. Like in the pic . Start reeling IN - which takes your fishing line OUT- to under the kite . and Los it there .

I use a combbo of this .
I attach the clip 40m below the kite.above a swivel.This keeps the sucker There , and is the safest method of joining On'es line without the fear of it breaking .Then i Let the kite out slowly . get to 350M , the bait's at 310M , but frikkin 65 M above the Water .........

We Let the kite out more , while the guy Locks his Drag on his fishing line . The tension Moves from being on the Kite line , to the Fishing line , and the brass clip will open , sooner , or later , cause the kite's pulling on it now . CLip- Bombs away ............

Bait dropped , kite shoots off full taps in a upwards direction , like a plane scrambling from it's drop-zone .

Another Method would Be to fly" the bait out using a cable car system .yoh - you've got lots of patience .i get too impatient , and if you can handle a couple of bloopers in the beginning , and sinkers rolling over the kite line , etc , etc , until you get it right - well , then you are sorted with my version .
I Like Things simple , Moenie Kom Met Lang stories Na My toe Nie , anders begin ek Net Moerig Raak .

As Long As you Not trying to Catch Jonah , or disposing of body Parts , my version , the clip and drop Method , should work, In Most cases . It's just More direct .

I've Tried disposing of body Parts like this , and it doesn't work. Too many people Notice It's a hand and a forearm your'e trying to send off , and thats Not gonna Look good on your club scorecard .

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 Posted: Tue Jun 22nd, 2010 01:09 pm
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Ryan_st wrote: I notice in the cartoon pic that you need to let double the amount of line out to your kite and then reel your bait all the way out...  am i correct??

if so, then instead of running all that extra line out could you just adjust the drag on the reel attached to your bait so that it is enough to lift your bait out of the water stopping when the swivel hits the release clip... but light enough so the release clip doesnt open and "fly" your bait out with the kite to the desired distance, engage freespool and drop your bait down.... without all the effort of winding through the water ???

Ryan,its just like you say there,and yes it can be orchestrated in that manner,but remember,  in the cartoon,you cover all the water from right in front of you,all the way to the kite/clip, whilst presenting your live-bait .And also ensuring that it stays alive,by keeping it in the water. It does seem a little cumbersome,but as you can see it has its merits as well.Terrain will also play a role in your decision as to which method will be most suitable.

Experiment,its fun,you'll see.::S

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 Posted: Tue Jun 22nd, 2010 02:14 pm
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kitefisher....yeah i was thinking about doing it like that   due to some of the terrian we fish... and also because in some areas we need to keep the bait out of the water for the first 150 meters to prevent sharks from getting to it as they hug the base of the cliffs...

i finally got my kite today, so i will be experimenting very soon..

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 Posted: Wed Jun 30th, 2010 08:47 am
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Ok im interested

Hi where can i buy a kite and this roller in cape town.

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