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 Posted: Sun May 5th, 2013 02:06 am
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Joined: Mon May 24th, 2010
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Bear in mind that I have nobody to ask for advice where I live. The learning curve will have many ups and downs and I will attempt to share my new adventure with you who have been doing this for years. You may shake your heads or maybe just feel sorry for this poor dumb Aussie.

Well, after receiving my kite last week, I watched the included video a dozen times(as I am old and slow of mind) to ensure I could remember some of the advice. I assembled the kite and after pulling strings here, there and everywhere, I was very pleased that after 10 minutes what I had built looked like a kite. I then watched the video another dozen times - and was amazed at how much I had already forgotten from 2 hours ago.

Yesterday was the big day - first launch! Took Bessie (my Defender) for a drive down to a rather wide beach which would be ideal for a test. I had mounted a 9/0 Penn Senator on a 5ft Daiwa powerlift rod (mistake number 1).
There was a steady 30kph 20 degree onshore wind with gusts up to 45kph. After attaching the 130lb dacron to the kite and trying to launch it - it just wanted to stand on its head and fly upside down. Yep, the tail was attached - but in my excitement I had not noticed one part of the bridle caught around the bottom spar (second mistake).

At fist I just flew straight downwind - getting used to the feel of the kite. I was impressed, flew true and steady. I then decided to retrieve the kite and try and adjust for tack - it was at this point that I discovered mistake number 1. Pulling against that wind without a gimbal pad and using the gearing of the Senator - big mistake. Definately need my two speed reels. Think it also helps to bring the kite back slowly ( and my nuts would approve).

Setting the kite for maximum tack I was able to achieve 45-50 degrees into the wind - but did notice a great degree of instability in the gusts (is this normal, or am I just dumb???). I may try with a longer, heavier tail - like the 10m of 5mm ski rope you have suggested. I also need to figure out how to increase pull and reduce lift.

Well, it was not too bad - but after hauling in the kite 5 times on the Senator, the old toppie was knackered - as were his nuts - and so I retired to the coffee shop for a warm one and a muffin.

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 Posted: Sun May 5th, 2013 03:02 am
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Well done Jonnovet, at least you got airborne.
I found the same issues when we have lots'of wind.
The kite responds better in softer conditions and is easier to recover.
When the wind gusts, I also found irregularities in its reluctance to maintain height. It tended to dive on me and one has to either give or retrieve line hurriedly.
I was quite alarmed when the kite finally dumped itself into the drink some 300mtrs from my location.
I sucked on it quickly and hard to trip the lines, which after some time DID finally trip...and I was able to recover her in one piece. My worry being her hooking up on some reef, or the line sinking and fouling and then...kite lost!

I do believe its a well made kite, yet somewhat expensive to lose into the drink...I am tempted to go with Enigma's suggestion of those smaller square jobbies...not expensive and probably easier to get aloft and to maintain aloft.

So...have kite will fly....:fbash

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