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Benoni Bimini  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Sat Nov 22nd, 2014 09:18 pm
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Hi guys,

Sorry in advance that I'm not posting pics yet, but if need be I will. I've been playing with braid trying to create a knot to rival the braid stitch. The problem for me with the stitch is it takes time and concentration. It is also not suitable for thinner diameter braids, and I also worry that I may have damaged the braid in the process . The knot I've come up with is super strong, and can be tied anywhere you can tie a normal bimini.

1) Start by doing a 20-30 turn bimini, but instead of ending it with half hitches, simply pass the tag through the loop. Do not make this bimini too tight. The tag going through the loop secures the bimini, preventing it from unravelling.

2) Twist the loop 20-30 times in the opposite direction to the 1st bimini,and let the tag once again rap up the line and once again pass it through the loop. The result is back to back biminis. It is important to change direction of the loops in order to prevent the mainline twisting above the knot.

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 four times, resulting in 8 back to back biminis.

4) Finish the same as a normal bimini with half hitches around each of the loops arms, and one around both arms.

The knot should be around 200mm long. Note that the loop gets smaller with each bimini, so it needs to be long enough at the beginning (around 700mm) The tag passing through the loop simulates a stitch.
Also, the 1st bimini should not bee too tight, they can become progressively tighter.

I have tested this knot against all the other popular knots (pr, Bob sands etc) and it never looses. The mainline almost always parts before the BENONI BIMINI, suggesting it has 100% breaking strain.

Please give this knot a try, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

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 Posted: Sun Nov 23rd, 2014 12:20 am
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Been testing it since we chatted on it and on the 35lbs it's a 50/50 as not yet broken the Bimini as instructed by Paulus fishing but yet to do tests on the 50lbs.

Will do a set of 20 elementary break tests on 50lbs using the 50+ turn braid bimini with 7 turn Yucatan to 180lbs and then the same with the Benoni bimini for a comparative testing.

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