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 Posted: Mon Jul 9th, 2012 07:13 pm
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I've been building a few in the 400 and 430 range and am doing a Grinder (the 50 code)a /6 and a Casting (100 code) a /7 at the moment.

Went and cat them to get a feel and to confirm guide placings etc.

The 50 series has a better compression in the tip and mid section and launches weights and baits with a fixed spool reel

The 100 series for casting is crisp and fast and being so thin really winds up a piece of lead and from what I can feel it will have plenty pulling power because the base of the rod (bottom half) is a good solid lever and will really pull hard

The thin profile makes it to have 30% of the surface area even the thin super mandrel and it allows you to generate awesome tip speed with good backbone to punch a weight.

Nice thick walled blank that will make it robust and stronger than other thin walled blanks.

If you can make the price I believe it will be a great buy and I know it's doing well in the Cape with good catches with it and some rave reviews