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 Posted: Tue Feb 18th, 2014 02:42 pm
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Cuban Cigar

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Enigma wrote:
HMP moss green or Yellow.

8 Braid 75lbs is around 0.37mm which I find behaves itself very well especially with hard casts.

8 Braid 50lbs is around 0.30mm a number of people I know use this but it's getting a bit on the thin side when sorting out a tangle.

The 8 strand braids hold up very well with casting and are so strong that by the end of a week of Gallie fishing your nylon leader will be 1-2m long and lots of hooks lost but no mainline.

Streepie and a few other guys here have been using this sort of setup for Gallies for a few years now.
Hi Craig - thanks for the reply - I like the idea of 0.37mm braid for the practical side of handling it. What diameter and length of leader would you suggest for gallies and standard or wind-on ?